I’ve been reading my way through Lent, focusing on my favorite subject, the life of Jesus. Pouring over books I agree with and books I disagree with, books that make me think and books that make me crazy, books that require a dictionary and books I want to hurl against the wall.

There are so many voices, so many strongly held opinions, so many ways of looking at this person named Jesus. We can discuss cultural, historical, theological perspectives all day long; we can argue the fine points of doctrine until everybody’s mad. But at the end of all the talking, it’s still about a relationship that requires a leap of faith.

Here’s a song I wrote some years ago, trying to express my heart to the One who has become my everything.  As you listen to it, don’t stress over what you think you believe or don’t believe; don’t worry about what you feel or don’t feel. Maybe you can relate to Teresa of Avila who once prayed – Oh God, I don’t love you, I don’t even want to love you, but I want to want to love you!  He knows us inside and out so we might as well be honest. He also knows the longings and desires buried deep within us because He planted them there. He loves us just as we are and wants us to love Him back. When the din dies down and all the voices fade, it really is that beautiful and that simple.

You Are My Everything
You are my life, You are my love
You are my purity, you are my beauty
You are my light, You are my fire
You are my passion and all desire

You are my everything
You are my everything, you are the air I breathe,
The bread I eat, the wine I drink
You are my everything, You are my everything
Jesus, you are my everything

You are my home, You are my hope
You are my confidence, You are my freedom
You are my joy, You are my peace
You’re my salvation and my victory

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