IMG_9426 An Irish immigrant, a storyteller at heart and a bit of a wanderer, I hold a firm belief that every place is a thin place – where the veil between heaven and earth are stretched taut, where two worlds meet, where spirit touches matter.  A place where the invisible is not necessarily unseen.

I’ve experienced thin places in the hills of Ireland, the mountains of Switzerland, the ruins of Israel, and the monasteries and art museums of Italy – as well as my tiny rustic prayer cabin, tucked in the woods behind our home. I have also experienced thin places in homeless shelters, ICU wards, mud hovels, refugee camps and remote jungle forests so hot that each breath sears your lungs.

Clearly, it has nothing to do with place.

It’s more a matter of recognizing and embracing the fact that a loving God is everywhere present in this beautiful, but broken world. It’s a matter of seeing and yes, it’s a mystery.

I count myself privileged to work with many gifted friends here and in Africa through our non-profit arts and compassion organization, Ancient Path. Some of my greatest fulfillment has come from seeing artists bring beauty to barren places, uncovering the God-given creative potential of the people who live there.

I am also a wife, a mother to three amazing grown humans, friend to an equally amazing daughter-in-law, Nana to five exceedingly amazing grandkids and a dog-mom to two mini-schnauzer pups. I enjoy good books, good film, singing, art journaling and playing Native American flutes.

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