Words of Peace

Miriam Wei Wei Lo , the talented poet/writer I mentioned in the last post is currently working on a book of poems on the fruits of the spirit. As I have read her work every day over the last several months, I have been consistently provoked to think in new ways, in deeper ways about my life and my faith. Miriam has given permission to publish her words on peace here. There is nothing I can add to them, except prayer for healing of the divides that exist in our nation, in the church, in our families and friendships.


I think of the hands of a peacemaker
stretching across the divide.

Now it is dark, we cluster in lighted rooms
as once we gathered round the burning fires.
The regrets of the day rise like smoke, stinging the eyes,
choking the heart. I rise to my feet, I must find them:
The brother I have wronged. The sister. I stumble from room
to room. I push open a final door. They turn.
I look up, ready to throw my words like a cloak
around me. Wordless, they open their arms and draw me in.

Photo by Andrew Wolff on Unsplash