When Beauty Died

This is a song we wrote some years back for a show called One Story. Though we’ve performed it numerous times since then in different settings, for some reason, we’ve never recorded it in the studio. I was, however, able to extract audio from a video recording of the live performance, so here it is – When Beauty Died. Many thanks and much love to the amazing musicians, dancers, actors, technicians, crew and congregation of WorldView Community Church who made this memory with us. Hope you enjoy the song and this beautiful day of life. He is Risen!

When Beauty died upon the cross
When Holy blood was shed
True Love tore through the earthly veil
When Glory bowed His head

Humility was pierced and torn
And Passion’s breath was stilled
Through Mercy’s seed a royal race
was birthed on Calvary’s hill


When Mercy soaked the thirsty ground
When Kindness drained the cup
When Justice crushed that bleeding heart
True Love was lifted up

When Purity stood face-to-face
With Hell’s unbridled Sin
When Power stood in weakness’ place
And raised His arms again


Then from the side of Majesty
A Holy Bride broke forth
United for eternity
to One of Matchless Worth                                      

Now Beauty blazes from the throne
Upon a glassy sea
This Fire of Love will lead me Home
To live redeemed and free

All Glory to the Holy One
All Glory to the Lamb
All Glory to the King of Kings
The Worthy, Great I Am


Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash (resized by author)