Merry Christmas! It has been a joy to write here each day during this advent season. Thanks for joining me! I plan to take a short break and then post a couple of times weekly until mid-February. Perhaps, we'll start a new daily journey for the Lenten season? We'll see:)  Until then, I pray that… Continue reading Rejoice!

Love With Skin On

What began as a gloriously impossible birth became a gloriously impossible life. The One heralded by the prophets became the Living Voice to a deaf world. The One whose crib was an animal feeding trough became Living Bread for the hungry. The One who was worshipped by kings and angels now became a Living Hope… Continue reading Love With Skin On

Peace On Earth

Sometimes people may wonder what the birth of one baby two thousand years ago has to do with our frantic lives in the 21st century. We read the daily headlines and feel a disconnect between our day to day realities and the meaning of Christmas. The phrase Peace on Earth rings hollow when wars and conflicts rage… Continue reading Peace On Earth


I must have listened to Aretha sing Joy to the World a dozen times yesterday. It brought me to my feet, brought me back to life, and reminded me of a time when a much less glorious version of that Christmas song brought someone else to life.  We were caroling at a nursing home - just a… Continue reading Hope

Choose Joy

A couple of days ago, I started down the slippery slope of discouragement. You know how it works - you entertain a negative thought for a moment, and gloom descends. You entertain it for more than a moment, and it calls its friends and sets up a full-blown pity party in your head. I gave… Continue reading Choose Joy

The Wrap-Around God

Covid-19 has changed our lives in big and small ways. For those who have lost loved ones, their lives will never be the same. Others who have been infected with the virus recover but may struggle for weeks and months afterward to regain their health. Some have been hit hard economically and struggle to pay… Continue reading The Wrap-Around God

The Treasure

I met Gertrude in a dingy tenement thirty-seven years ago, and I remember her still. I remember how she wore her hair and how she talked, but mostly I remember the sad, desolate look in her eyes.  Gertrude was a prostitute and an addict. Her drug-dealer/pimp/boyfriend held court in a corner of the room, doing… Continue reading The Treasure

The Good News of Grace

Let's be honest: how many of us include the genealogy at the beginning of Matthew's gospel in our yearly advent scripture readings? While I can read about shepherds and angels and magi and miraculous stars all day long, my eyes glass over before I get to Amminadab. But after reading Gail Godwin's piece in Watch for… Continue reading The Good News of Grace

A Clash of WorldViews

We huddle over a small table in a dimly lit room - an American pastor, a Malagasy pastor, and me, a woman with no title. Like the two men on either side of me, I am a follower of Jesus. This is what has brought us together in this place that feels like the middle… Continue reading A Clash of WorldViews


I trudge slowly up the mountain to the church. Most of Antananarivo, Madagascar, hangs precariously off the side of one mountain or another. I'm not quite sure how the buildings stay vertical, but this church is literally built on solid rock.  They tell me that when they bought this small piece of property, it was… Continue reading Perspective