Merry Christmas! It has been a joy to write here each day during this advent season. Thanks for joining me! I plan to take a short break and then post a couple of times weekly until mid-February. Perhaps, we'll start a new daily journey for the Lenten season? We'll see:)  Until then, I pray that… Continue reading Rejoice!

Love With Skin On

What began as a gloriously impossible birth became a gloriously impossible life. The One heralded by the prophets became the Living Voice to a deaf world. The One whose crib was an animal feeding trough became Living Bread for the hungry. The One who was worshipped by kings and angels now became a Living Hope… Continue reading Love With Skin On

Peace On Earth

Sometimes people may wonder what the birth of one baby two thousand years ago has to do with our frantic lives in the 21st century. We read the daily headlines and feel a disconnect between our day to day realities and the meaning of Christmas. The phrase Peace on Earth rings hollow when wars and conflicts rage… Continue reading Peace On Earth

The Good News of Grace

Let's be honest: how many of us include the genealogy at the beginning of Matthew's gospel in our yearly advent scripture readings? While I can read about shepherds and angels and magi and miraculous stars all day long, my eyes glass over before I get to Amminadab. But after reading Gail Godwin's piece in Watch for… Continue reading The Good News of Grace


I trudge slowly up the mountain to the church. Most of Antananarivo, Madagascar, hangs precariously off the side of one mountain or another. I'm not quite sure how the buildings stay vertical, but this church is literally built on solid rock.  They tell me that when they bought this small piece of property, it was… Continue reading Perspective

Light the Dark

We stumbled through the Mikea Forest in pitch blackness. Two American men, good friends who had traveled here to work on development projects, walked next to me. I couldn't see them - I couldn't see my hand in front of my face - but at least I could hear them. Our Malagasy friends seemed to… Continue reading Light the Dark


Where are you finding Jesus in the middle of this pandemic? What do you hear him saying? And where do you sense Him leading in the year ahead? These were the questions that kicked off an online gathering of Ancient Path's board of directors last night. We didn't want to talk about finances or programs… Continue reading Inwardness

The Insiders

Although shepherding was considered an honorable profession in ancient Israel, that view had changed drastically by Christ's time. Once nomads who herded their flocks from place to place, they soon forgot themselves as they settled into a comfortable life in Egypt. Egyptians were farmers; with shepherds came herds of sheep and goats that munched on… Continue reading The Insiders

A Hallmark Gospel

 When I was a little girl, I loved looking through our Christmas cards every day. They piled up on the dining room table until they reached critical mass, and then dad would string them on either side of the archway between the living room and dining room. The Jesus cards were the best. I liked… Continue reading A Hallmark Gospel

Table for Two

There is nothing special about my advent table. The table itself was a thrift store find some years back. It has hosted many grandkids' art projects, which is why I cover it with a $7 tablecloth from Big Lots. Our small washer/dryer combo lives next to the refrigerator, hidden behind an ingenious sliding pantry made… Continue reading Table for Two