The Insiders

Although shepherding was considered an honorable profession in ancient Israel, that view had changed drastically by Christ's time. Once nomads who herded their flocks from place to place, they soon forgot themselves as they settled into a comfortable life in Egypt. Egyptians were farmers; with shepherds came herds of sheep and goats that munched on… Continue reading The Insiders

A Hallmark Gospel

¬†When I was a little girl, I loved looking through our Christmas cards every day. They piled up on the dining room table until they reached critical mass, and then dad would string them on either side of the archway between the living room and dining room. The Jesus cards were the best. I liked… Continue reading A Hallmark Gospel


I didn't grow up with Advent. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to a staunch Protestant family and raised in the Salvation Army, there were no nativity scenes in our Christmas decorations, no candles, and no daily readings. There was scant time for contemplation as our December days filled up with acts of service. As a… Continue reading Service